Life’s a bitch

That moment in life when you learn that your ex-husband is trying to get back in touch with his ex-girlfriend, someone he dated in college… 

And… at that same moment you remember that Lake, the one you saw in Mexico embraced by the mountains… How you stopped the car and sat on the side of the road watching it together, then drove down a winding path and got to the Lake, to take pictures. Then altered your plan and decided to stay in that beautiful town, near the Lake, surrounded by the mountains.


And… at the same moment you find yourself giving advice to your friend about how her friend, your ex-husband’s girlfriend, must feel about his contact and how they should reconnect if something meaningful comes out of it, and whether or not it will be good for her- the ex of your ex- to resume a relationship with him- my ex-husband.

And… again at that same moment, the bad times in your marriage come back to you, as some of it had to do with some of his exes, and it didn’t really matter whether it was this girl or not, it all felt the same.

And… you remember that you still care about him and he’s your child’s father, and you are sad that he feels lonely, but grateful that you have moved on long time ago, and happy that he is moving on too. Maybe.

And, you wonder about how life unfolds. You wonder why. What’s the meaning of it all? 

And the best answer you seem to come up with is: it’s because life’s a bitch.


The Lake, Mexico.  

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