(Pictures: (left) in Bruxelles- Lucero touching the feet of Everard’t Serclaes, for good luck and health in the future, as the legend goes; (right) in Brugge.)

Lucero went with me to my doctor’s appointment today, then to the hospital for an ultrasound and an x-Ray. This girl is really growing… The past month, since she is not in summer camp, everywhere I’ve been, she’s been with me, and it’s so enjoyable! 

 The most difficult thing has been the constant interruption to almost anything I am doing or saying. I feel like my brain is traumatized by the pattern: think-cut-think-cut- thiiii– cut cut cut…

I am sure that the indentations in my brain wrinkles look different now than a month ago. With many poke marks all over the place.

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