The Border

I’ll take a photo at the border,

Then I’ll walk away,

In a city of shadows,

In a river of grief,

I look across the border,

I don’t want to leave,

He looks at me from the darkness,

The city is empty,

He is angry,

The world capitals in my memories,

I am sad free.

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To the top

You love… You kiss… You climb… You fly higher than the birds.

One of the best hikes in Northern Virginia: Buzzard Rock Trail. Do not forget the bear horn and bear spray. #hiking #outdoors #northernvirginia #virginia #virginiaisforlovers #singlemom #BuzzardRockTrail #mountains

My life is crazy

It is official. My life is crazy. My daughter can’t keep up with my life, my boyfriend can’t keep up with my life, my guests can’t keep up with my life, my ex husband can’t keep up with my life, my family can’t keep up with my life, my friends can’t keep up with my life, my life can’t keep up with my life. Oh well. It can’t be like this forever no? So here’s a smile 😊 💋 #singlemom #lifeofaprofessor #travel #selfie

There is someone

There is someone in my life who is so special. Makes me laugh. My heart jumps.

He is tough.







Yet soft. Sensitive. Perceptive. Attractive. Attentive. Passionate.


Trustworthy. Loving. Happy.


Makes me miss him. When I am in New York.

A year ago my heart beat again.

I love how he makes my heart feel.

So yes dear blog, my heart beats.

Oh True I am a Single Mom

When the ex drops a bomb on you…
And you lay at night awake…
And you remember the times…
Alone in a strange place with a little girl…
Baby no it’s not the same…
she’s grown and it’s easier now…
so my ex it’s ok…
You can stay away from her again…
Because we have a long life ahead…
Places to see stories to tell…
Things to do people to meet…
And she is grown…


There’s a song I listened to when I was a teenager…

‘I walk away from you, and our story is more beautiful,
than April’s return,
My one love, no do not cry,
For your tears sculpt into my existence,
I own nothing in this world,
But your eyes, and my tragedy,

Do I travel without you, my night,
Oh shadow of the divine, in my eyes,
My green summer, my sun,
My brightest brightest colors…’

A rocket

We woke up early to watch #NASA launch the #OA-8 #CRS mission 🚀 from #Wallops Island in VA. Then, at the very last couple minutes, the launch was aborted due to an aircraft in restricted area. So, try again tomorrow @7:14am. Dress warm, find a good spot, hot choclate, warm apple cider, and look in the sky for a space launch.

Why is it that people always insist on ultra-independence that they seem to have forgotten how to love each other, live true to their deepest desires, and feel attachment to other people? Did we lose trust in ‘others’ so much that we can’t possibly trust anyone but ourselves?.

Grateful that my job lets me work from someone’s backyard in some random city while I watch my daughter play outside. She’s on summer break and I can be both with her and working. She still drives me crazy but that’s just how it is with six year olds. But this moment, right now, is peaceful, productive, relaxed, and fulfilling. #single mom

How to integrate new people into our life? Without feeling vulnerable, scared, uncertain, or wanting to hold time still and think it all out… I guess it doesn’t matter, since we are never really certain, not scared, not vulnerable, or not wondering about the future and how it’s going to look like. We stream along, and if we find someone worth entering our lives, we let them in, and again, feel vulnerable, scared, uncertain, and wanting to think it all out, but with them in our lives now.

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I woke up at three in the morning to catch a terribly bumpy flight from Iowa to New York City. I checked into my #airbnb and went to an open mic bar with P.’s sister. The singers were great and inspiring… they reminded me of why I love New York so much. The stand up comedians were awful. They also reminded me of why I love NYC. After that we went for Mexican food at #fonda. I am so picky about Mexican food, but this place is authentic. Their tortillas are hand pressed and that’s very rare to find in the States. We ended the night at the rotating #view lounge on top of the #Marriott. I’ll blog about today, tonight :). Meanwhile happy Sunday 😘.

She clung to me in bed last night crying that she doesn’t have friends at school and that no one likes her. I told her to find the good people in her classroom and talk to them, to tell the mean children that she doesn’t like them, and every time she feels sad to think of the people whom she loves in her life, to think that these children are mean because they do not know any better, and have so much beyond their little world that they do not know and have not seen.

But I also told her that am not friends with anyone I went to elementary school with.